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Cheeky Video: Britain isn’t Eating – A microplay

The Guardian and Royal Court put together this dramatization about food poverty and portrays a politician defending her view that people accessing food banks are free-riders and lack resourcefullness. She claims it is actually quite simple to make something out of basic store-cupboard items, but then finds it difficult to make much of a meal out of tomato soup, sardines and tea and with no

Despite claims by ignorant politicians, food poverty is not a choice and emergency food aid is a last resort. Most importantly, we need to examine the root causes of food poverty: growing inequality, fuel poverty, declining income, lack of living wage, benefits sanctions and the retreat of the state from providing a social safety net.

These kinds of dramatized interventions provoke new thinking and action. We are initiating a participatory video project and plan to use similar methods of visual/dramatic provocation. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more.

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Food Justice

Food Justice is a call for a fairer food system. It considers food to be a human right. It involves communities working together to build more just and sustainable food systems. It questions the limits of charity-based emergency food aid as the dominant solution to food poverty. It challenges how differences based on race, class, gender and culture determine who benefits and who is put at risk from how food is grown, processed, distributed, accessed & eaten. It involves collective practical and political learning and action amongst a diversity of citizens and especially those most excluded from the current food system.

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