Building a just and sustainable food system in Coventry

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New Report: Grassroots Responses to F...


Based on our research, this report identifies five major aspects of food poverty that community organisations are tackling, and proposes seven key recommendations which could help the city to move towards a future where all of its residents have access to affordable, sustainable food for health and well-being. Full Report: Low Resolution Version; High Resolution Version Executive Summary […]

Download Report (Executive Summary)

Food Justice

Food Justice is a call for a fairer food system. It considers food to be a human right. It involves communities working together to build more just and sustainable food systems. It questions the limits of charity-based emergency food aid as the dominant solution to food poverty. It challenges how differences based on race, class, gender and culture determine who benefits and who is put at risk from how food is grown, processed, distributed, accessed & eaten. It involves collective practical and political learning and action amongst a diversity of citizens and especially those most excluded from the current food system.

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