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A move towards ‘sugar shiftR...

A move towards ‘sugar shift’  for a healthy and fairer food system…

How can we reduce sugar consumption and address social justice issues linked to sugar production and consumption? Check out this paper:

Together to edit the CFJ Walk video!

20160201 CFJN Participatory Video Editing session

Last week, the Coventry Food Justice Network met up with members and walk participants to look at the raw footage of the walk held in October 2015 and decide together on the best shots and how to edit our final video. This participatory work is very exciting and this lively session gave a chance for […]

Webinar series on food issues


If you are interested in a series of webinars on key food issues, here’s the link to follow it up:

Download Report (Executive Summary)

Food Justice

Food Justice is a call for a fairer food system. It considers food to be a human right. It involves communities working together to build more just and sustainable food systems. It questions the limits of charity-based emergency food aid as the dominant solution to food poverty. It challenges how differences based on race, class, gender and culture determine who benefits and who is put at risk from how food is grown, processed, distributed, accessed & eaten. It involves collective practical and political learning and action amongst a diversity of citizens and especially those most excluded from the current food system.

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